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Cycling through Belarus with the guy who hates your team can’t be that bad, right?

Gaby finally got the job of her dreams, working with athletes and traveling the world. Except that her first assignment was to go to Belarus and recruit Sanya, the hot BMX rider who would rather cut off both his arms than ride for Gaby’s team.

The infuriating man insisted on riding hundred fifty miles to the other side of the country. If Gaby wanted to get a chance to pitch her team, she had to suck it up and ride with him. Sure, it sucked to have to listen to his idiotic jokes, and the ride made her sore all over, but at least she got a great view of Sanya’s backside.

The further they rode, the more Gaby learned about everything else that came with Sanya’ perfect body. The old wounds. The softness. The need.

No matter how much Gaby wanted to continue this adventure and be with the man she was quickly falling in love with, she had to go back to the States. Why did the world have to be so big? Why did Sanya have to be so stubborn about staying in Belarus?