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By Lydia Guleva

I have no body, undead or otherwise.

When I land in the wrong world as a ghost, I think nothing can be worse. Koschei, the god of the dead, proves me wrong the moment he appears and drags me into his kingdom.

That place filled with nothing but bones and misery? Yeah, that one.

He has news for me. First, worlds are collapsing into each other, and if not stopped, they will become as full of life and joy as the world of the dead. Second, it’s somehow my fault. Third, if I help Koschei save the world, he might consider helping me save my sisters.

Sure, he’s frustrating with his lack of trust, and his gorgeous face, and his bulging muscles. And yeah, the kiss he found so disgusting he spat right after.

This is fine. This is perfectly fine. Really. It’s fine.

But where the hell is my body?

I’d stay with this tall and handsome demon, but there’s no coffee.

Emergency room nurse Jill is used to double shifts and triple espressos. When her attempt to take her cat to the vet ends with her landing in a medieval fantasy world, she can’t believe her luck. Literally can’t believe it.

Jill must’ve bumped her head, and this is a very confusing dream. She can just go for a ride with this beefy demon and then wake up.

Nice sorceresses don’t zap police officers.

Traveling between worlds always fills Nasilain with dread, but finding new scientific knowledge is worth it. Except when she gets caught by a beefy police officer who wants to know everything. Who is she? Where did she come from? Why does she need a rocket launcher?

Then Officer Seth Beefcake breaks her amulet, and they both teleport back to Nasilain’s world. He has even more questions now. Why is she brainwashing elves? Do her wolves bite? What are those evil-looking things flying at them?

When fairies attack, Seth is eager to put his former Navy SEAL skills to work and help Nasilain. Although he insists she shouldn’t turn fairies into zombies. At least he has flamethrowers.

Every sorceress needs a sniper to miss her.

Malisana has her work cut out for her. Raise two kids on her own. Have her house burned by crazed elves. Escape a swarm of ravenous fairies.

Getting saved by otherworlders finally gives Malisana the break she needed. Being a refugee isn’t that bad when she can get enough food and have the castle walls to protect her from the fairies. Even better, a handsome otherworlder invites her to go to his world.

Ron, the charming Police Officer and a former Marine Scout Sniper from a parallel dimension, will give Malisana and her kids anything. A new house. A puppy. A kitten. Most importantly, ice cream and bacon.

As life finally settles, reality comes knocking. Otherworlders have enemies, and those enemies want their castle back.

Can a handsome Christmas knight help a lonely engineer spruce things up?

Isabella knew Bralazin was too good to be true, but to find out that he was a knight from another world, a lord, and her brother’s friend? That was almost as bad as learning that the magical world didn’t have Christmas.

At least Bralazin could help her organize an epic Christmas party and get gifts for every child in their kingdom. Easy. They could do it. Even if Bralazin kept questioning why they needed Christmas in the first place.

Would’ve been great if there were roads they could use to deliver gifts, but Isabella wasn’t a road engineer for nothing. She could build the roads. Or have elves in neon green pants do it for her while singing Christmas songs.

Bralazin, on the other hand, was something she’d have to handle herself. He could say what he wanted about not wishing to upset her brother, but it wouldn’t help him. Isabella set her eyes on him, and he was going down.

Bringing a king from a parallel dimension to meet my parents would not end in disaster.

What could possibly go wrong if I brought King Paliken Sulphiu to my world? I only want to show him what life could be like in his backward kingdom if he started doing what I wanted him to do. Give a few gifts, feed the poor, tell the nobles to behave, eat pizza with your hands. No big deal.

It’s not my fault that things went a little further than that. Really, it’s not. He kissed me first.

With our fledgling romance and the future of his kingdom on the line, we have to start solving problems. Of course, there’s Christmas. We need to find gifts for every child. Most importantly, we need to find Pal’s family and the heir to the throne.

If I knew I’d end up finding my mate, I never would’ve bothered escaping the underworld.

I never wanted a mate. Matting bonds are nothing more than a gilded cage women don’t want to escape. I know a thing or two about cages, and no thank you, I never want to get back into one.

Sure, Dayan has piles of gold he had been hoarding just for me. Sure, he’s nice, and yes, he’s a good-looking man. But do I really want him? Or is it just some stupid bond?

Does he want me, or is he interested in what my magic can do for him and his clan?

Unwanted. Rejected. Renounced.

These heroines have been through a lot. Their fated mates and sacred other halves have done the unthinkable… they’ve rejected them. They’ve rendered them unwanted.

Join these heroines in their journey to find themselves and love after facing rejection from their fated mates.

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